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Tuesday, 20 June 2006
I Am Officially Grossed Out
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: Tirades

I just saw the most horrifying thing on a tv commercial. KFC (that's what they want you to call them now - not Kentucky Fried Chicken - "your arteries won't know you're filling 'em with trans-fats if you don't tell 'em!") is now featuring something they call a "Famous Bowl".

It's a big bowl full of mashed potatoes. Topped with corn. Layered with bits of fried chicken. Smothered in gravy. And covered with "a 3-cheese blend". That is NOT RIGHT. Now I grew up in Georgia and I have eaten more than my fair share of fried chicken. And I still love it dearly, although I suffer severe guilt when I do eat it. And gravy? Gravy is a BEVERAGE where I come from. Actually, all the separate ingredients contained in this vile concoction are fine and dandy in their own right...but sweet jesus on a cracker, who is the culinary genius who came up with throwing them all in the same bowl together 'au gratin'??

First of all, it HAD to be a guy. I mean, it just had to be. Or possibly a pregnant woman with a major carb craving. But man, why don't you just serve it with a scoop of ice cream and some chocolate sauce and call it a day? It would be just as appetizing.

I think it might be a while until fried chicken sounds good to me. So for that, I thank you KFC. And my ass and arteries thank you too.

Posted by catherino at 4:11 PM PDT
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Tuesday, 20 June 2006 - 7:31 PM PDT

Name: Gretchen
Home Page:

Hee! Actually it sounds pretty good to me. Perhaps that's because I've been pregnant so much I have permanently strange tastes in food?

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